Seriously, this was my horoscope 10 years ago

aquariusOkay, this post has no Raleigh, no real estate and no news. So shoot me. I read my horoscope about 10 years ago and it was so meaningful to me that I typed it up and eventualy taped it to my bathroom mirror where it stayed for over a year. It now resides in a file I keep of inspirational ideas I dig into every so often.

I’m an Aquarius:

If you want to dance, you need to pay the piper and you need to do it graciously. This does not mean that you should fade into the woodwork or let someone else walk all over you. It only means that you need to do your duty and do it with all the commistment you can muster. If you are sound in your purpose and confident in your abilities, you will rise to the top of the heap in no time. But, you need to guard against being someone you are not and putting flash and  style over performance and substance.

I just thought I’d share that with you as I feel this passionate about real estate and serving my clients.