Raleigh’s Warehouse District Welcomes Modern Citrix Offices

Citrix Shipping Container Conference Rooms

Shipping Containers – John West

Citrix Systems, a Florida-based tech giant, unveiled its new downtown Raleigh facility last week and is making a statement with its unique design.

Tech Talent Magnet

The 170,000-square-foot office has been transformed from a steel warehouse into a “magnet” for tech talent. The product of 20 months and 69,000 manpower hours, the building features shipping container conference rooms and I-beams as design elements. Also included are padded swings in the library, massage chairs in the gym, a vertical garden overlooking a water feature, roof decks, and a $14,000 coffee maker.

Citrix Stadium Seating

Movie Night Seating – John West

“I think it’s very unique,” said John Warasila, chief architect of the building and founding principal of Alliance Architecture. “I think, for Raleigh, it’s transformational. This whole neighborhood is going to be completely buzzing with people who are working out of here, coming out of here, going to restaurants and bars, biking, going to work. I think this neighborhood will be fundamentally changed for the next 30, 40 years.”

Warehouse District Catalyst

Many believe the software company could be a huge catalyst for the Warehouse District. The new Citrix building already houses 600 employees and plans to keep growing. “Come find us,” said Mark Templeton, Citrix CEO, to job seekers. “It’s going to be pretty hard to come downtown and not run into us.”

Citrix Meeting Spaces

Scattered Meeting Spaces – John West

An increased demand for restaurants, bars, shops, and more office space in the area is expected. Greg Hatem, a Raleigh real estate developer who owns 10 properties in the vicinity, including his restaurant, The Pit, said he is in talks with an out-of-state information technology company that is considering relocating 450 employees to the Warehouse District. Hatem is also planning to build a 30-story tower at 600 W Hargett St. “Success breeds success,” he said.

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