Property showings decline

When real estate agents make an appointment to show a home listed by any real estate company in the Raleigh area, they typically call Centralized Showing Service (CSS). CSS schedules showings for listed properties by all the local real estate companies. The following graphs illustrate showing activity within TMLS Triangle Multiple Listing Service) as reported by CSS.

This graph includes showings for homes scheduled through February, 2011. Total property showings for the first part of the year are down 16% as compared to 2010.

Raleigh Home Showings Report

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What price ranges are buyings looking at?

Home Showings Report By Price

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I know this looks depressing, but I’d be nervous if it were any different because we are going against the tax credit that ended in April, 2010. If we are feeling pain that means we are correcting.

I’m not in a hurry to sell my home, should I wait to list?

Sure, if you want to wait 3 years. Our market is still moving in the wrong direction and when prices reach bottom, they will likely stay flat for a while.