Pittsboro Residents Show Concern Over Chatham Park Development Project

Artist Rendering of North Village in Preston Development Master plans for Chatham Park, a 7,200-acre development in Pittsboro, were approved in June, but the documents leave much to the imagination.

Tom D’Alesandro, contracted to help Preston Development with planning, offers more details as to what the community will look like upon completion. “If I were to pick one place in this area, I would say it will probably look most like Meadowmont,” he said, referring to the upscale mixed-use development located off NC 54 near UNC-Chapel Hill.

Architecture will be more contemporary, but much of that will be left up to the individual builders. Preston plans to sell parcels of prepared land to builders who may independently construct homes and businesses within development guidelines. Chatham Park will have up to 22 million square feet of business space and 22,000 residential units. “I think that today people are looking more for ways to integrate work and social life,” said D’Alesandro.

Many residents of Pittsboro are not happy with Preston’s vision for their community, however. Concerns over infrastructure needs, especially water and access to the water supply, are an issue for such rapid growth in the 4,000-person town.

Watch the video below to see how local business owners and community members feel about the Chatham Park project and the growth it will bring.


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