N.C. State Dairy Farm and Museum Opening to Public

Diary CowN.C. State University’s dairy farm is poised to go public with the arrival of the Randleigh Heritage Museum. The museum will open the 389-acre farm on Lake Wheeler Road to visitors outside of university faculty and students, meaning better fences, parking, and maybe even an outdoor teaching pavilion next spring.

The N.C. State farm evolved from the consolidation of four dairy units – the most recent being Randleigh Farms, a gift from the Kenan family – and supports an ideal mix of 245 Holsteins and 55 Jerseys for dairy teaching, research, and production. The purpose of the museum will be twofold: teaching the public about dairy farming and preserving the Kenan family legacy.

“We are wanting to make this a destination where people can come and spend a half day,” said Gary Cartwright, director of the university’s Dairy Enterprise System. “This is something very few people get to see anymore: What dairy farmers go through to put a glass of milk on the table.”

The coming museum will be the “flagship” attraction of the farm. Construction will begin around June 1 and finish next spring. “The people in Raleigh are hungry to learn where their food is coming from,” said Cartwright. “This is the right time to create some kind of accessibility.”

Watch this video to learn more about the heritage of dairy farming in NC:



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