N.C. Museum of Art Park Design

Gyre exhibit

Gyre by Thomas Sayre

The North Carolina Museum of Art hopes to draw new audiences to NC by making better use of its 164-acre campus. Museum officials have commissioned Civitas, Inc., a Denver-based urban design group, to develop a strategic plan for the Park’s completion that welcomes audiences to enjoy the museum in both formal and informal ways. The end goal, according to Dan Gottlieb, director of planning and design at the museum, is for the museum to become a destination for everyone – not just those who are already comfortable viewing galleries.

The Museum Park currently features three miles of recreational trails in order to highlight the intersection of art and nature. The paved multiuse pathway runs through west Raleigh and connects the eastern portion of the Park to Meredith College and N.C. State University, while the walking trails connect the western portion of the Park to Umstead State Park and Schenck Forest.

The trails include over a dozen collaborations among artists, designers, and environmental scientists to be viewed from you bike seat or while stopping for a picnic. Now, the land itself is one more work of art the museum intends to celebrate. Civitas plans to release a report in July detailing probable costs and beginning the fundraising campaign.

Gottlieb says that museum wants to make sure the campus is sustainable, both environmentally and socially. The community should enjoy the space for decades to come. “We have not only an opportunity, but we feel an obligation to set a really good standard,” he said.

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