Make more money by selling your home faster

Raleigh’s housing market has performed better than many other parts of the country. But, that doesn’t mean that Raleigh is not a buyer’s market! A couple of years ago you could list your home for sale and then wait for the market to come to you. Sometimes simply waiting long enough would net you a higher price.

In today’s market, homes that sell faster reap higher sales prices in the end. If you allow your home to sit overpriced, you might be doomed. To sell quickly I suggest you:

  1. Fix what’s broken
  2. Maximize your curb appeal
  3. Paint your interior
  4. Let the light in by getting rid of old, dark curtains or heavy window treatments
  5. Get the stank out!

If you are priced right (AKA- Under your competition) and show better than other homes nearby, then you have the best chance to succeed. If you allow your home to sit, buyers will become suspicious that you won’t be reasonable when it comes time to sell. Agents with buyer clients will also be suspicious that you won’t be negotiable if you have been sitting for too long. The result is lower traffic on your home.

Sell fast, make moreSell fast, make more