In-Law Suites & Guest Houses in Raleigh

Multiple generations are living together more and more in the Raleigh area these days. As the family changes, so

Guest House Near Raleigh NC

Guest houses & in-law suites are becoming more popular

do demands for homes that will accommodate aging parents, children returning home to save money before they buy their own home, or other special needs that families demand.

Let’s face it, homebuyers are not just two parents, two kids and a golden retriever anymore. The recession didn’t make things easy, either as families had to become creative for financial reasons.

Baby Boomers continue to retire, albeit not always as soon as the historically accepted age of 65. Baby Boomers are so named because they represent a sharp increase of birth rate in the United States in the wake of World War II. The larger population has caused society to adjust in countless ways. One way is for retiring parents to move in with their adult children.

There are many reasons for this trend – grandparents help with childcare, they want to be closer to the family, or maybe they just need a little extra help getting around.

“After my father passed away, I didn’t want mom to feel alone. She doesn’t need a big space, but we didn’t want her to feel like a guest. We wanted a home where she could still have some independence but be included day to day” a recent seller explains.

“We have a great guest house for Mom that’s a short walk from our front door, but allows her to be on her own. She’s got a small kitchen, a first floor bedroom and a den with a fireplace where she can relax, visit with friends, whatever. We hope to find a buyer for our home in Silverleaf in Youngsville, NC that sees how special this feature is.”

By and large adult children are thrilled with this arrangement, but it can be a challenge finding space that gives separate generations space and privacy to still function as separate families. One solution is an in-law suite. In-law Suites can be just a generous bedroom with an en-suite bathroom to an entirely separate guesthouse with a full kitchen and utilities. For many families, they are the perfect compromise: Mom and Dad can be nearby without imposing on Husband and Wife’s household.

Since in-law suites are such a new concept, they can be hard to find. It’s especially a challenge in the Triangle, where most in-town lots are relatively small and zoning restrictions prevent the addition of a separate guest house. Over the past few years, we have helped several families find properties that will work for their new lifestyle. Sometimes, it’s as simple as finding a home with a bedroom on the first floor. Recently we helped a family find a space for a care giver and a sibling with special needs. They all live in the same house, but still have some autonomy to live separately the way the space is designed.

With some creative thinking and an expert perspective, we can work together to find the right home for you.

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