I want to buy a house but I’m too busy freaking out


Tension breaker, had to be done. Now that we have that out of the way, I heard this from a caller today that was interested in one of my listings. I almost had to tell them to hang up and call 911 because she was confused to a point I was concerned for her.

First time home buyers are being bombarded with so much information and misinformation these days that it’s only logical that the caller was unsure about what to do. According to the nightly news there are foreclosed homes on every corner and short-sale homes represent bargain basement prices that banks are dying to get rid of. Well, not necessarily. For all the technology and data available to us today, housing is a very local business. Remember, a house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, not what the bank tell you it’s worth.

Raleigh has held out much better than other markets but there are still powerful buys to be had. Stop, look, listen, plan and then JUMP! Whatever you do, don’t just jump. There is enough time between now and April 30th to qualify for a loan and find a home that fits your life and liking.

I have been showing homes to buyers for the last 2 weekends in the rain and snow and now that the weather has turned nicer, I’m wide open this weekend! I plan to spend time with the kids at Lake Benson Park in Garner and then visit Southerby Bluffs, a  new community of townhouses we are marketing, to see who’s poking around.

This is a great weekend to get out and look at homes. If you are interested, then spend some time browing homes for sale on-line and then get out and see a few. If you are overwhelmed, start with 3 that you like. Call an agent and have them schedule appointments for you. Talk about the things you like and don’t like and go from there. See? Sounds pretty easy after all, huh?