How to Find the Best Contractor for Your Home Renovation

You’re ready to move forward with your home renovation and now need to find the right contractor to complete the job. You’ve heard the horror stories of contractors leaving a leaky roof, lumber with exposed nails left outside the house for weeks and even causing carbon monoxide poisoning by tearing off the vent to the hot water heater. Yeeesh! But don’t let that stop you from remodeling and updating your home. As your Realtor, I put all of my knowledge and energies into finding the right contractor for you.


Textured ceilings are no problem for a contractor with the right type of experience.

Just as in any relationship, you want a contractor who is a good fit for you and your personality—this person and his team will be around you, your family and your home a long time so don’t hire a contractor who gives you a bad feeling in your gut the first time you meet him or her.

8 Tips for Hiring a Contractor:

  1. Find an expert who has handled similar home remodels
  2. Are photos of the contractor’s work displayed on their website? Even better, are there work samples as well?
  3. The contractor should provide you with three references and you will ask these people if the contractor kept them informed, considered their needs and stuck to the budget
  4. Make sure the contractor is licensed, bonded and insured
  5. When comparing contractor estimates, you ensure they will use the same brand of materials
  6. There’s a detailed contract before the work begins. This contract needs to cover the start/end dates, the types of building materials used, and a complete set of drawings with written specs
  7. Set up your expectations in writing. For instance, you may not want the contractor at your home before 7am or you may not want them using your bathroom
  8. Think local! Does your prospective contractor give back to the community through Habitat for Humanity, the Boys & Girls Club or through the YMCA? If so, then the contractor wants to stay entrenched in the community, do good work and continue to earn great referrals

The right contractor can make termite damage beautiful!

And finally, make sure you meet the contractor in person—I’ll help you with that meeting by giving you the right questions to ask and making sure everything goes smoothly.
A great contractor can fix up your home even better than you envisioned. Let’s keep this conversation going on Facebook and Twitter. If you have questions about finding a contractor, be sure to call my direct line at 919-981-5795. And as always, begin your home shopping experience at

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