Hillsborough Street Development – Apartments All Around

2811 Hillsborough Street Development Drawing

2811 Hillsborough – Courtesy of New City Design

Raleigh’s Hillsborough Street is rapidly developing with several mixed-use apartment complexes in the works:

2811 & 1301 Apartment Projects

The city’s planning commission unanimously approved two four-story projects to be built by Charlotte developer Jim Zanoni of FMW Real Estate.  With locations beside IHOP and at the Dan Allen Drive intersection where Sakura Express was recently demolished, both buildings will feature ground-floor retail with 30+ apartment units on higher floors.  “If you were a college student, living next to IHOP would be the closest thing to nirvana you could experience,” joked commissioner J.B. Buxton.  

Architect Ted Van Dyk plans to begin construction on both projects this fall and welcome tenants next summer. He said the storefronts will offer higher-quality space for restaurants and shops, with 28-foot-wide sidewalks in some sections. “We’ll be bringing fresh retail space with high ceilings and great floor-to-ceiling glass,” said Van Dyk. “There’s a lot of space (on Hillsborough), but a lot of it is beat-up stuff.”

1301 Hillsborough Street Development Drawing

1301 Hillsborough – Courtesy of New City Design


7-Story Student Complex

In April, the planning commission approved a seven-story student apartment building developed by Cary Joshi, the current owner of Two Guys Pizza restaurant. Joshi hopes to demolish the buildings that house The Keg bar and two storefronts next to The Alley bowling alley in order to develop a 24-unit student complex capable of housing up to 96 students with retail space on the ground floor.

Joshi’s project exceeds the five-story maximum recommended by the city for “Neighborhood Mixed Use” areas, however, and Donna Bailey, vice chairwoman of the Wade Citizens Advisory Council, said an overwhelming majority of members believe the building is too tall. “We’re very concerned about the precedent it’s setting,” she said. “We want to support the project. We like everything it’s doing – except the seven stories.” The city’s guidelines encourage a five-story limit that is defined as a 75-foot building – the height Joshi proposed for his seven-story project. “There’s a lurking policy decision here that the council needs to address: Does our comprehensive plan say five stories or does it say 75 feet (tall)?” said Raleigh City Council member Steve Schuster.


7-Story Project Rendering

7-Story Project Rendering – Courtesy of Morningstar Law Group

Blue Sky Housing Complex

Raleigh-based Blue Sky Services received rezoning approval last month in order to move forward with a five-story building with ground floor retail, no parking, and housing for up to 56 students. The Wade CAC voted in favor of the request with the addition that 25% of the units would be something other than 4-bedroom units.

A spokeswoman for Blue Sky noted, “We are pleased to be able to proceed with the support of the local council and the members of the Wade CAC who have been overwhelmingly supportive of the project and have also provided valuable insight as to how we can enable the project to best serve the community it is being designed to support. This endorsement allows us to progress full steam ahead with the development, and will bring our commitment to service, quality and professionalism to a cutting edge development that will increase the prospects of the entire area.”

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