Hillsborough Street becoming bike friendly?

Hillsborough Street in Raleigh runs past NC State to the capital building downtown. The street improvements bring value but bike lanes bring controversy. I just read a report on CNN.com about the clash of bikes and cars and the top 50 Bicycle-friendly cities. Cary ranked 24 and Raleigh was not listed.

From Drivers, bicyclists clash on road sharing on CNN.com

Motorists often see bands of bikes on the streets on the final Fridays of each month as cyclists across the nation gather for evening group rides called Critical Mass.

The purpose, advocates say, is to make cars and trucks more aware of bicyclists.

But to some drivers, Critical Mass participants are nothing more than spandex-wearing, stop-sign-running Lance Armstrong wannabes who slow traffic.

As as the streetscape along Hillsborough Street takes shape, new bike lanes are becoming a point of controversy.

Hillsborough Street is one of the main arteries in Raleigh and borders the northern part of North Carolina State University and its 30,000 students. There are bars and shops and small restaurants. And lots of cars.

The city, working with the state, has decided to redo the four-lane road, and when the project is done, there will be two lanes for cars, a center median and bike lanes on each side. Ritchey, who owns Global Village Organic Coffee and is a weekend cyclist, fears that bikers will get hurt.

“They are putting [the bike lanes] in the wrong place,” he said. “It’s more of a symbolic gesture.”

Yikes! Can’t we all just get along? Hillsborough Street is bustling corridor between NC State and the capital building. It’s about to become a major hot spot again.

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