Clayton Budgets for Major Improvements and Expansion

Whimsical Bird Greenway Art Project in Clayton

“Whimsical Bird” Greenway Art Project

Clayton, North Carolina is quickly becoming one of the most promising locations in the Triangle for homebuyers.

BusinessWeek magazine recently rated Clayton’s schools among the top in the U.S., and ranked the town in the top 10 of the country’s most affordable places for families to live. The schools scored a rating of 9.3 out of 10, with the article highlighting East Clayton Elementary, Riverwood Elementary, and Riverwood Middle as the area’s best. “BusinessWeek is pointing out something that people here have known for a long time, that Clayton is a great place to live and raise a family,” said Mayor Jody McLeod. “Our schools are awesome. Our people and our town are awesome, too.”

Clayton’s 2014-15 budget is also calling for an expansion in services, parks, and jobs without tax increases. Proposed projects include:

  • Library services – The town expanded hours at its Hocutt-Ellington Memorial Library last year, and now plans to meet demand by hiring additional staff as well as moving forward with an application to be officially recognized by the State Library system, which will qualify the library for state funding, grants, and access to the state’s free online catalog system.
  • Parks and Recreation services – The town has budgeted to enhance senior programming, children’s environmental programming, and adult athletics. $25,000 has been dedicated for design of a new Universal Playground for children of all abilities and a 20-acre disc golf course at East Clayton Community Park. The town will also use cash reserves to buy 67 acres of land to develop a future park, and has committed $80,000 to a greenway/sidewalk system.
  • Utilities and Infrastructure – A total of $305,000 in improvements to Clayton’s public power system, $175,000 to install street lighting, and $25,000 to utilize reclaimed water to help irrigate public facilities has been budgeted.
  • Welcome Sign – In order to be more welcoming to visitors and residents, $10,000 has been dedicated to design and install an attractive entryway sign on US 70.

Clayton had an estimated median household income of $57,525 in 2012 and an estimated median housing value of $152,124 – both of which are above the statewide medians.

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